Global Resources

Interested in learning more about LGBQT+ people around the world? Here are lists of links to articles about gender non-conforming people and same sex relationships in traditional and contemporary societies.


Queer identities and relationships as part of ethnic traditions:

LGBTQ+ people in Southern Africa

LGBTQ+ people in Central Africa

LGBTQ+ people in West Africa

LGBTQ+ people in East Africa


LGBTQ2S+ people in the indigenous nations of North America (Turtle Island)


Non-binary gender and same sex love in South Asian traditions
List of South Asian academics and content creators who present LGBT stories from history and tradition.

LGBTQ+ people in traditional and contemporary Southeast Asia
List of books /articles about TGNC people in pre-colonial /indigenous SEA cultures. List of stories about LGBTQ+ lives in contemporary SEA nations.

Queer symbolism in East Asia
Rose, lily, chrysanthemum, cut sleeve

Children’s books by LGBTQ+ South Asian authors


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